Our Story

How it all started...

The founders of the Shady Grove SDA Church with the leadership Pastor Howard Welklin of the Cascade Road SDA Church met in August 1957, plans were in place to plant a Branch Sabbath School in the South Cobb area.  Earlier in the month Marvin Hoke and Herbert Pope had secured permission from the board of Trustees of the Community Church on Old Alabama Road for the use of their church.  This quaint old church,  surrounded by the historic Shady Grove Cemetery, was the worship center for almost ten years. Ten precious souls were baptized in the summer of 1959, marking the beginning of what the Lord had in store for the area. In October, 1961, believers were able to established a church company in the south Cobb area.

On February 3, 1962, fifty-three members were chartered by the Georgia Cumberland conference, this monumental event was witnessed by Elder Don Rees, Southern Union President, Elder A.C. Mckee, GA Cumberland Conference President, and Elder L.E. Aldrich. With the fire of evangelism burning in their hearts, a building fund was established at the very first church board meeting, held on February 11, 1962.  Members were added to the church during the ensuing months, at the peak, they boasted 77 members.  Fifteen of these members joined from the evangelistic meetings. The Lord, who is always faithful, surely had his hands in the proposal which was made to the church in November of 1965.  A land swap was proposed, along with a cash gift of $15,000.00 to supplement the building fund.  Five acres were swapped on both ends of the bargain. Another $15,000.00 was needed to begin construction, but after a fundraising dinner was held on March 6, 1966 where pledges were received, their goal had been met. The orders to “Begin Construction” was given and the structure was completed in December 1966. The God given vision and desire for a place to worship had become a reality.

The congregation that began gathering over 50 years ago, to praise and to give glory to God has now grown beyond recognition. Over the years many have come and many have gone away, a few even to their graves.  The congregation has changed but the message has remained the same.  The little brick church at the end of the lonely road have been a source of spiritual strength and encouragement to many a seeking love. The Grandview SDA church has become a standout in meeting the needs of the community, providing spiritual guidance, physical food, clothing, financial assistance, an inviting space for worship, and being a constant supplier of Love.

Expanding the vision...

Grandview has been given a fresh new spark and sense of urgency with the leadership of pastor Richard F. McNeil.
He has a passion for leadership, creative and innovative strategies for evangelism, discipleship, and outreach. Pastor McNeil believes deeply in preaching  and teaching the Word of God which you can experience each Sabbath Worship service and the power of Prayer in our weekly Prayer meetings. He is actively engaged in doing bible studies, small groups, visitations and counseling
He has worked along with the elders and leadership team to enhance the worship experience dynamically with something new happening with our “International Day” Festival, our community Health Fair, drama plays including a skit called “The Great Controversy”,  a Christmas Play called “The Birth of a King”,  our unique Communion experiences such as “Christ in the Passover” & “Washed”,   the Interactive Easter weekend experience for the community called “3 Days with Jesus” and outdoor family friendly experiences like “Church in the Park”  for the Church and the community to interact.

Where we are headed...

We have intentionally formed relationships with influential community leaders, such as: the current Mayor of Austell, GA Ollie Clemons; the Jamaican Ambassador of Atlanta, Dr. Elaine Grant-Bryan; Cobb County fire chief; Austell Elementary School Principal; and the director of STING, Inc., Mrs. Geneva Vanderhorst recipient of the MLK Living NAACP award; as well as other area pastors of varying denominations. Our Church has also established a partnership with Henrietta Griffi director of the Amaiya Helping Hands Foundation to help feed the Atlanta area.

Our church aids impoverished families through our clothing distribution, food pantry, and mobile food bank.  giving over 12,000 pounds of food to the community of Austell and our ministry is seeking to expand and improve. Our community has a lot of needs due to lack of education and low employment opportunities.

We sold our old property at Lansky Werber Rd and we actively seeking a new location to establish a ministry facility.  We envision a larger food pantry ministry, a computer lab where we can teach computer skills, have GED classes, resume building classes, cooking classes, summer VBS activities, Sabbath School classes, summer daycare for single mothers, and a community garden on the exterior. This will be a multipurpose community facility that is a ministry hub for the needs of the community. We want to do more than just feed the people, we want to empower them to be better citizens.

We are truly excited to see the many ways the Holy Spirit will empower us to do more in the years ahead. We appreciate what the Lord is seeking to do through us and have learned a lot over the years. We will not stop until we have made a difference in the lives of those around us, and have brought many into the saving grace of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

We invite you to join us in ministry whether physically, financially through your cheerful giving or through your heartfelt prayers as we continue to be a beacon of light helping those in darkness receive a grand view of Jesus Christ.

Be a part of our story...

Join us every Saturdays as we gather to worship together a 9:30 am and 11:30 am. EST