We Are Merged

Merge: Austell Grandview SDA Church & Sweetwater SDA Company

As September 30, 2023, it is a privilege and honor to state that the Austell Grandview and Sweetwater SDA Company have officially voted to merge into one entity.

The Process

The merge means that the two churches will combine into one church, then we will elect new officers, set new Church policies, and the new church will decide on a new name. We will have another members meeting where members can share their suggestions on what the new name will be.

After a new name is chosen all of our social media accounts, website, app and accounts will be updated with the new name.

Think of it as a marriage, coming together as a new family. It’s not going to be a Grandview thing or a Sweetwater thing; it’s will be a new church and a new union. The old has been laid to rest and behold all things are new.

We will have a Hybrid approach to ministry where we minister both in a virtual and in-person setting.


  • Worship Services for the Newly Merged Church will be in a hybrid format
  • Online Services for Wednesday night Prayer Gatherings, Saturday Morning Studies "Sabbath School", and themed Evangelistic Online Series.
  • We will gather In-Person for our main Saturday (Sabbath) Morning Worship Services.
  • Only a portion of the worship service will be streamed live online which includes Praise and Worship and the Sermon.
  • Children Ministries with kids bible class, VBS (Vacation Bible School), Fall Festival, Adventurers, Pathfinders, Socks-Giving Drive, Christmas Play, and Christmas Toys for Tots Drive.

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