Easter Baptism Sabbath

Join us in welcoming our new members

Baptism Sabbath March 30, 2024
Nikalia Casserly
Khaliya McKenzie
Michael Casserly Jr
Jovantia Brown
Kealen Scott
Kenland Scott

They said yes to Jesus and joining the Harmony Church community.


1. I believe that the church is not merely a building or an organization. The church is people in connection, in HARMONY with Jesus.

2. I will not be upset and leave when church members let me down. I know that God is divine, that His Church is human. When I see mistakes in my church, I will look to Jesus, who died for all of us while we were still sinners. I will also continue to look for and work towards helping others in my church.

3. I will learn from people who don't believe exactly the same way I do. No matter how much I learn, I will remain teachable.

4. Because I have been covered by God's grace, I will be gracious, accepting, giving, and forgiving-even to those who seem like they don’t care.

5. In a world of hatred, fear, lies, abuse, and hopelessness, I will continue to seek beauty, courage, truth, creativity, and hope.

6. I will seek to develop godly friendships with people who are inside and also with those who are outside my church. Especially will I strive to develop a trusting, loyal, no-matter-what friendship with Jesus.

7. I will resist all efforts to make me believe that I can earn my salvation, or that God cannot enable me to overcome sinful ways.

8. I will at times step outside my "comfort zone" to spread the good news of Jesus by sharing and caring for the needs of others. If necessary, I'll use words.

9. I believe that the church should enable us to be honest about our problems and to find the solutions-together-in Jesus. Committing to the church is to grow and watch how God works through our challenges and failures.

10. I believe that my body is the temple of God. Therefore I will abstain from polluting His temple with gossip, negative talk and unhealthy eating.

11. I believe my church has been granted a distinctive, important message, I will be grateful and humble about it.

12. I believe that the Bible, baptism, faith, obedience, and love are wonderful, but these cannot save me. Only Jesus, God's Son, saves me!

13. I believe that baptism is not the end. Baptism is the beginning of my journey with God.
14. I will never let go of my Jesus. Never, never, never.

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